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pathways spatial design direct foot traffic

large spaces present an immense challenge to commercial interior designers, event producers, and their production staff. It’s an even more daunting when you need to clear pathways that disperse and direct people rather than gather them in one place. This may be required at the entrance of a facility or be desired throughout; such is the case with galleries, exhibits, retail venues, trade shows and the like. To compound the ever-growing list of desiderations are aesthetics. Directing foot traffic is one thing, but to do so without compromising visuals and appetite for a palpable sense of opulence seems too unsettling to bear.

how can this set of challenges be solved via a singular acquisition that does not necessitate the headache of a piecemeal solution? The possibilities are illuminated with molo’s recent innovations, softwall + softblock made from aluminum textile.

modern pathways in spatial design to direct foot traffic

flexible partitions for any event or occasion

our aluminum textile product is the evolution of the molo paper and textile softwall and softblock partitions found in film award ceremonies, luxury product launches, fashion shows, and stage productions worldwide. The hybrid material employs the same patented honeycomb geometric magic as its predecessors.

This allows you or your designers the opportunity to create an infinite number of curved and linear formations. The added magnetic end panels permit endless expansion (and exploration) throughout a room, banquet hall, or any open-floored facility. Attendees, guests, and patrons will be able to move in a flowing organic manner from the entrance to where you desire their eventual delivery to be.

molo aluminum textile softblock - mobile photo credit: Alana Patterson
spatial design for pathways photo credit: Marek Jarosz

lightweight and acoustic

the lightweight aluminum textile construction also allows you to alter the pathways within seconds. You can widen or open up a section as needed should the threat of a bottleneck is ever present. The likelihood of this occurring is real, as you’re sure to draw a crowd with this fashionably innovative spatial integration. This leads us to what may be the most obvious benefit of our aluminum textile invention – aesthetic appeal. The distinctive look and feel of the material will dazzle all who lay their curious eyes upon it. When the sun or interior lighting graces its surface, the aluminum elements appear to twinkle and consequently incite feelings of wonder. And what a wonder this product is. In addition to its primary function to direct foot traffic, the aluminum textile material boasts an acoustic property that helps keep noise within from escaping and keeps noise from the outside from getting in.

but there’s more.

01 movement_aluminum softblock, flexible wall, modular building system, magnetic connectors, molo

stackable, sturdy, storable

our aluminum textile softblock offers all of the same partitioning benefits as its softwall sibling but also provides seating. This is ideal for galleries and exhibits where you encourage patrons to pause, rest, and enjoy a given work of art or fashion. The geometric functionality and stackable nature of the sturdy softblock also allow it to be used as end-tables or shelving for which items can be placed upon them with confidence. Lastly, aluminum textile softwall and softblock can be compressed to the width of a book and transported and stored without unnecessarily consuming effort or space.

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