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space partitions for jewelry stores - Georg Jensen luxury-tradeshow displays

have you been charged with procuring space partitions for a jewelry store? Traditionally, this has been no easy task, as there is no retail setting quite as nuanced in its needs as that of a jeweller. Functioning as a means to delineate space is important, of course, but this feature cannot come at the expense of elegance or customer/client experience. Fortunately, our design and production studio has developed a line of innovations that will help you accomplish this while adding unanticipated value to your boutique.

black softwall - Gardeco Belguim

molo paper, textile, and wood softwall, along with softblock are the flawless standard in space partitioning. Our softwall and softblock products can be molded and shaped into innumerable curved or linear formations as they can be stretched to 15 feet (4.5 meters) in length and connected magnetically for application in larger showroom settings. Our paper and textile softblock can also be stacked to create a tall, richly textured space division. The latter (textile) may also be fitted to include LED ribbons that will tastefully illuminate spaces and display cases alike. On that latter note, softblock can serve double-time as a means to display neck busts, stands, and lay-down pieces on top of our wool felt pads or your own interim surfaces.

the malleable nature of molo softwall is not only idyllic for extended period use and semi-permanent separation of space but it can instantly be employed to provide privacy to important habitués who do not want to be seen or disturbed as they inspect their prospective purchases. A visiting couple deciding upon wedding bands can be wrapped in the privacy of a singular softwall as they pick out the symbol of their union. The acoustic / sound absorption properties of softwall adds a second layer of privacy for clients who don’t want loved ones in earshot to overhear interest in a gift purchase.

Georg Jensen luxury show paper softwall softblock exhibit Georg Jensen luxury retail environment using paper softwall + softblock

softwall’s on-the-spot flexibility also allows it to be applied for security measures. For instance, softwall can placed and extended to hide personnel when accepting deliveries of particularly valuable gems and collections. The partitions may also cover-up displays that need to be hidden for moments in time.

Georg Jensen · Copenhagen
movable walls for luxury retail - mejuri pop up showroom new york Mejuri pop up showroom New York - paper softwall
white textile softwall with coloured light projections, illuminated orange and pink wall, slide, molo 2

furthermore, both softwall and softblock can be used for purely aesthetic reasons to create striking backdrops behind display cases and for special events held on site. Our softwall and softblock are now available for custom size and color configurations which, with inventive scalloping, can help formulate a layered scene - which is directly analogous to how pieces are worn by distinguishing clients:

“Layering is the best way to express yourself through jewelry; each piece makes a statement, each piece has its story and if curated and layered well, it can enhance your look and make sure you stand out.” (Masaba Gupta)


explore the space optimizing possibilities of molo innovations in your jewelry store and showroom:

wood softwall
paper softwall
textile softwall
paper softblock
textile softblock


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